Polish Congress of Rheology



Polish Congress of Rheology

September 18-20, 2023



Dear Colleagues, Dear Rheologists!

We invite you to participate in the Polish Congress of Rheology in Krakow-Wieliczka, September 18-20, 2023. Out goal is to organise upcoming meeting in a friendly atmosphere, including rheologists from universities and research institutes up to industry and quality control laboratories. We invite you to discuss and share knowlegde in beautiful Krakow-Wieliczka.

The Polish Congress of Rheology is cyclical event organised by the Polish Society of Technical Rheology since 2013. This event brings together people who have daily contact with various branches of rheology and non-Newtonian fluid mechanics. That is why we try not to create barriers and we invite everyone interested in these issues, both beginners and advanced.

Congress main topics include:

  • polymer rheology,
  • concrete rheology,
  • rheology of powders and granular material,
  • food rheology,
  • rheology of cosmetics,
  • rheological and mechanical properties of soft matter,
  • blood and other body fluids rheology,
  • microrheology,
  • modern rheometric methods,
  • rheology of mutliphase systems,
  • interfacial and dilatation rheology,
  • tribology,
  • rheology in education,

We are open on new topics.

We guarantee a nice and friendly environment what will make our Congress an excellent platform for establishing new contacts with specialists.

During this edition of Congress, we are expecting the guests from renowned research centers with interesting lectures.

Important deadlines

Abstract submission is open from 1 February until 13 June 2023
Abstract deadline 13.06.2023
Acceptance of abstracts submitted to date 02.06.2023
Decision on Oral/Poster presentions 13.06.2023
deadline for payment of fee 22.06.2023

Local organizing committee

Marek Dziubiński - Lodz Univeristy of Technology - chair

Peter Fischer - ETH Zurich
Jerzy Hapanowicz - Opole University of Technology
Elżbieta Janowska-Renkas  - Opole University of Technology
Magdalena Jasińska - Warsaw University of Technology
Katarzyna Lewandowska  - Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
Anna Marcinkowska-Gapińska  - Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Piotr Owczarz - Lodz Univeristy of Technology
Paweł Ptaszek - University of Agriculture in Krakow  
Jacek Różański - Poznan University of Technology
Leonard Sagis - Wageningen University & Research
Jarosław Wasilewski - Medical University of Silesia
Mariusz Witczak - University of Agriculture in Krakow


Organizing committee

Anna Ptaszek - chair
Marta Liszka-Skoczylas
Paweł Szlachcic
Sylwia Różnańska
Grzegorz Kowalski
Iwona Drożdż
Anna Wisła-Świder
Anna Rył


The Polish Congress of Rheology is co-organized by:

Logo Polskiego Towarzystwa Reologii Technicznej
Polish Society of Technical Rheology

Logo Wydziału Technologii Żywności
Faculty of Food Technology of the University of Agriculture in Krakow

Logo Polskiego Towarzystwa Technologów Żywności
Polish Society of Food Technologists
Lesser Poland Branch

Congress Partners:

Logo Anton Paar

Logo RHL Service

Logo Netzsch


Logo PAN


Komitet Nauk o Żywności i Żywieniu
Polskiej Akademii Nauk

The International Committee on Rheology 

The International Committee on Rheology

We will answer every question about the Congress: pkr[a]urk.edu.pl


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